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Sorry about that: it is easier and quicker for us to run this webseite in Englich language only – at least for the start.
As we are not native speakers we take it as understood that you will accept and forgive any mistakes spelling or otherwise.

August, 20th – 2012

More about Netzwerk Irland (a registered charity) to come here later

500 Days of Irish Life?

To get a “feeling” for that what the “500 Days of Irish Life in Germany 2013” are about, you need to know two things first: 

Originally we had planned something else: “30 Nights of Irish Arts & Culture”.
As there was no substantial progress made with this complex idea we turned (back) to these 500 “Days” as we have almost everything under our own control with them: we can influence progress, can make even progress depending on the amount of time we will have etc..
And with this we will have all chances to include those 30 Nights into the series of those 500 Day-events at a later stage should there be any progress or commitment from others..
(You may find everything relating to this old project here:

For this previous project President Michael D. Higgins has promised us to be the patron (should it materialize): “I’m more than willing to be the patron of these 30 nights of Irish Arts & Culture”, he said to us when we interviewed him in an almost one hour conversation in May.
(We have just asked him in the meantime to become the patron now for our new project).

Does the wording “DAY OF IRISH LIFE” sound familiar?
Yes, of course it does: in 1996 we (Netzwerk Irland under the general management of the irland journal magazine) already ran “The Day of Irish Life in Germany” : around the “Ireland and its Diaspora Festival” on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair 1996 – Ireland being the focal theme country. We co-ordinated some 1,300 of such “Days”, meaning: 1300 events with a variety of Irish cultural themes – everywhere in Germany:nationwide.

You can find these links :
History – backgound 1996 – how we co-ordinated 1300 Days of Irish Life
History – 1300 Days – in the event calandar of 1996 (it shows the nationwide spread and the variety of topics/themes/performances).
Thank you letter Arts Council of Ireland (as we were acting on their official behalf.)

We have absolutely no doubt at all
that we will again “mastermind and deliver this wonderful Day of Irish Life Festival” (Arts Council, 1996).
Our tasks are: to bring those Arts & Community /Educational Centres, book shops, church parishes, concert organisers, all other venues... together with those who can/want to perform on them.

Here you can find more detailled explanations:
- THE PROJECT – Copy of the letter(s) we sent out to “celebrities” such as Taoiseach, Michael D.Higgins, various departments, Arts Council....
- in the so-called
Pdf-Appendixes / enclosures –all in this one file


I - German-Irish (Cultural) Relations – in a critical European context of today
And: How to connect all projects in Germany 2013 with each other and multiply 
media coverage - The importance of the Gathering message
II - Projects and work we already started in support of GERMANY 2013
III - Most crucial: the timetable
IV - More concrete ideas
V “Thank you” Letter from the Arts Council 1996 re “Day of Irish Life”

The complete proposal in brief here:
The proposal - copy of letter to taoiseach, president and departments

More information to come here later – “Rome was not built in a day”.

Next we’ll have  is a question & answer form which will make it easier for everybody to let us know on what side he/she stands:
Are you interested to be part of all this?
O ... as someone who wants to organise such an event (Day of Irish Life)?
O ... as someone who would like to perform at such an event?

Five more points here:

1) What funding/financial assistance can you (as venue or as artist) expect from us?
No money at all. We have asked for financial help in Ireland ourselves. Should we receive funding it will all go into the cost to get that all organised.
(If you are a potential sponsor yourself, please contact us. If you know of some one who might be willing to become a sponsor, let us know as well)

2) Who is legally responsible for organising an event, a “Day of Irish Life”?
You and your institution, body, venue yourself.
You may charge an entrance fee, sell tickets – that’s all up to you.

3) No help (money) at all?
You never know... but you should not count on it. However, as an example, we may soon know of a publishing company who will part-sponsor the 10 day-tour of a famous writer.

job (help) is getting the people together, matching those who want to offer something with those who can perform at them. With this you’ll find all sorts of  ideas and help from us...starting soon.
Our second biggest job (help) is infiltrating national and local media in time.
When Ireland takes over the EU presidency at January 1st, 2013 there will be huge publicity about Ireland. But it will go up in smoke within a fortnight or so if we don't address it. These many local cultural events events will greatly help to keep Ireland (and various topics about it) on the agenda of all media.
We’ll have lots of additional stuff available (on website and in print) to feed the media and to give further reasons to address Irish issues. Mailings will have been undertaken by then and thousands of phone calls will have been made. The official calendar of events listing all Days of Irish Life will be there, first and second edition – and online as well...

Unfortunately, there is a huge difference to the activities in and  before 1996.
At this stage we are doing this all almost completely “alone”: The Frankfurt Book Fair commitment of the Irish state was a political decision (which, gladly, we were able to influence) followed by two strong commitees, one in Irland, one in Germany, driven by the Arts Council itself and looking after sponsors etc..

But, and this is important: we could not wait any longer.
As said above: we felt that we had to start now with the deciding round of activities – and so we simply did.
We nevertheless hope that more (official) support will come – at a later stage.

With these 500 Days of Irish Life in Germany there is so much more involved.
To understand fully, just click on to the Appendixes.
We have left out the “financial section”.
It is understandable that we can achieve everything we have in mind only if we find more sponsors, especially from the commercial sector.
We say this here to thank both, the travel agency and tour operating company Gaeltacht Irland Reisen and the team of the irland journal journal magazine (Christian Ludwig Verlag) for their initial support. Without them we would not be where we are today.
As if it was the most normal thing in the world, they both have contributed staff, money as well as all their expertise and contacts for this project.
As they did in 1996.
see our
short, complete, combined history of irland journal and gaeltacht

Now it is up to you....

Netzwerk Irland e.V. was founded for the same (networking) reasons around 1996 (Frankfurt Book Fair).
As this registered charity was in-active for the last years we are just addressing a few formalities to get it back on track. Work has already started.

Here you find more about the history of Netzwerk Irland:
history Netzwerk: how we “saved” the Heinrich Böll Cottage on Achill Island
history Netzwerk: further activities after then

Becoming involved as a member of “Netzwerk Irland”, as a friend or as a sponsor?
Let us know (see above) or wait a few more days...

For the foreseeable future this is your best contact:

Netzwerk Irland
, temporary office at
Christian Ludwig Verlag (irland journal)
Niederfeldweg 5
47447 Moers

Tel.: 02841-930930
Fax: 02841-30665


Netzwerk Irland  | kontakt@netzwerkirland.de - Tel.: 02841-930930